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Read This Year

Read This Year

This month the Westchester Park Blog is advocating for reading more. We are featuring the Manhattan Public Library, book clubs, and a few resources you can use if you need a good read. Make “reading more” your New Year’s resolution and read a new book each month.


Visit the Manhattan Public Library here in Manhattan, KS this month and pick up a book by your favorite author. The Manhattan Public Library offers a digital library with “eBooks, audiobooks, music, and more” as well as e-mail book lists to help you know what’s new at the library. The MHKL’s Personalized Reading List recommends ten titles that fit your tastes after you fill out a  brief survey. The Novelist Plus lets you access book reviews to help you decide which book you will be checking out next from the Manhattan Public Library. You can find out more about these programs and resources here.


Start your own book club this month by enlisting friends and neighbors in the Westchester Park community. Invite your coworkers to join as well. Have the members of your club vote on a book to read each month. Discuss the book by having each member write up thoughtful, insightful questions for the club to mull over. Remember to provide snacks for your group each month! Your book club should be a place to discuss big ideas and have a lot of fun!


Need book recommendations? It’s too early in the year to decide what the best books from 2017 are, but you can find a great list of the best titles from 2016 all over the web. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to read — just keep reading! Reading can help you relax, explore different perspectives, and expand your world. Take a mental vacation from the problems of everyday life by losing yourself in a good book this year.


We hope that you get the chance to read a good book this month. What are you excited to read this year? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!