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Sushi in Manhattan, KS

It’s time to eat out in Manhattan, KS! Maybe you just got a raise or someone had a birthday, or maybe you just feel like it; whatever the reason, there is no shortage of great places to eat out in the area. For today, we decided to focus on sushi! Now, the tricky thing with sushi is that tastes can differ widely. You’ll have a friend that swears by one place and hates another, but when you go to try them you won’t like the first but you’ll love the second. So, to make sure we’ve covered everyone’s tastes, we’ve listed three great sushi places that are all near Westchester Park apartments, along with some reviews from Yelp. Let us know which one is your favorite!


Green Tea


“This is my favorite restaurant in Manhattan.  Primarily, I think the food is amazingly fresh and creative, especially considering the geographical location.  In addition, the service is friendly and the staff is ready to offer recommendations for tasty rolls to try.    Some people might be happy to know that there are plenty of things on the menu that the less adventurous might be more likely to enjoy than sushi and sashimi.  Finally, the price is right and the place itself has a clean and relaxed atmosphere.  I would also say that I like their fried rice more than any other fried rice I have tried.  It is so flavorful and cooked perfectly.” — Topher Thomas C.


Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar


“This restaurant was great and the service was impeccable. We chose to sit at the bar and had amazing service from both the wait staff and the people working at the sushi bar!  Our food came out almost immediately after we ordered it and everything was delicious. Can't wait to try the hibachi tables. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to people and will absolutely be going again! Thanks.” — Heather L.


Bi Bam Bap


“1. We ordered the other night - our last night of conference - because didn't want to go out. It was dark and stormy and incredibly rainy and they still delivered. The lady was super nice and patient.


  1. Food was ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! The Korean Seafood Tofu Hot Pot was fabulous (just like home). Perfectly cooked Edamame and deliciously made CHICKEN UDON SOUP. Overall a fabulous meal. Delivered in a very timely manner. Completely not what I'd expected to find in the middle of Kansas! :D” — Lily Y.